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How To Make Real Money With Your Metal Detector

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One of the most intriguing aspects of metal detecting is the fact that you, me and anyone else with the right know how can make a respectable amount of money metal detecting. Doing so is relatively simple and making enough cash to pay a few bills or to have some fun with is within any persons reach.

First begin to realize that everything you find with your metal detector has value! From those annoying little pull tabs to those old shotgun shells most of us discard at the end of the day. Everything has value and it all adds up. Then decide how serious you are about making extra money with your metal detector. To be honest if you wanted to make metal detecting a source of supplemental income you could. Though I am guessing most of our readers will be happy with some extra spending money.

Secondly you need to become more productive with your metal detecting time. Most of us only dig when the signal sounds promising, or we only hold on to the precious metals and relics that we find. The rest goes right into the trash. Being more productive means getting more out of the finds you unearth and your time metal detecting. Time is precious, why would anyone waste countless ours digging metal, just to turn around and throw 90 percent of it in the trash.

Thirdly you need to prioritize! Finding old relics of value and precious metals with a metal detector is great. In fact there is no other feeling like it. Unearthing a silver coin that is close to One Hundred years of age, or a large gold ring is just unbeatable. Focusing on finding these objects are fine, but realize most of us while focusing on the glint of gold are ignoring the treasure that is right in front of us. The average hobbyists will spend hours searching for gold and silver, many times coming up empty handed. Everything found along the way will be discarded because it didn’t have a date on it or it didn’t shine. You need to start prioritizing, give thought, time and value to objects of lesser value, because in the end these lesser value items become your biggest source of cash!

The fact is most of you will dig more money in scrap metal each year than you will in precious metals. That’s a big deal and that’s where most of your money from metal detecting will come from, YOUR SCRAP METAL! The gold, silver and valuable relics will add to the value you’ve accumulated through saving and recycling your scrap.

Getting into the habit valuing and saving your scrap metal finds is not easy for most people. For some reason most people have a hard time seeing the value in brass fittings or even pull tabs. Though it is the key to making good money with a metal detector.

These ideas and practices are your foundation for making money with your metal detector. The great thing about all of this is that most of you only have to change the way you think, prioritize and value the finds your already making with your metal detector. Your already making the money, sadly you have been throwing that money in the trash.

I was hoping to cover all aspects of making real money with a metal detector here. Though I am running out of space and time, so with that being said Ill let you sit on what I’ve given you so far and follow up on this subject in the near future.

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