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Digging Tools For Metal Detecting, Part 2

In my last post I covered the two most basic types of digging tools for metal detecting. In this post I am going to cover some more specialized tools that are useful in different metal detecting situations. The follow tools are more specialized and specific to different types of metal detecting and digging conditions.

Relic Hunting Shovels

The first digging tools I’m going to cover are relic hunting shovels. This type of digging tool is very popular amongst both relic hunters and even some coin and jewelry hunters that like to get right down to business. Like the digging trowels and knives I covered in my first article relic hunting shovels come in an endless array of shapes, styles and sizes. Choosing the right one for you is a matter of situation and preference.
Relic Hunting Shovel

So who should consider a relic hunting shovel over a more traditional type of digging tool? Someone who is going to be recovering objects in tougher ground conditions where cleanliness is less of a concern. A few good examples would be someone metal detecting mainly farm fields and wooded lots. Relic hunting shovels are generally not the digging tool of choice for metal detecting finely groomed parks and lawn areas! Though in the right hands these digging tools can be used to dig neat plugs that will go unnoticed in most situations.

The two main styles of relic hunting shovels are the basic shovel style digger, which looks allot like a trenching shovel and knife type, which looks allot like a basic metal detecting digging trowel on steroids.

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