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A Beginners Guide To Metal Detecting

Are you new to metal detecting, or thinking about taking a leap into the hobby of metal detecting? If so you have found the right place. You will find everything you need to know about getting started in this great hobby right here!

We believe that you, the beginner is the most important person in our hobby. Which is why we went to great lengths providing you with valuable information you need to get started metal detecting the right way. We provide you with free tools, information and resources to help you get a smooth start.

You will find information on every aspect of our hobby in detail. From buying your first metal detector to understanding it’s features and settings. Everything you need is right here, in one area of our website. Every tool and bit of information in this area of Detectorx.com is here for you, free of charge with no hitches. Using them will save you time, money and frustration. Because believe me as wonderful as metal detecting is, it does have it’s learning curves and pitfalls, which we will help you with.

We are so serious about you getting started metal detecting on the right foot that if you cannot find the answer to a question, or a solution to a problem here you can contact us directly. We will answer any questions you might have pertaining to the hobby of metal detecting. Contact us here!

So what are you waiting for lets get you started metal detecting!

Metal Detecting Basics

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