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The Whites XLT, One Of The Best Metal Detectors Ever!

As I sit here staring through my flat screen television, trying to come up with something useful to write I am suddenly shook out of my trance by a familiar face. Its a commercial for Whites metal detectors! As I watch this commercial I notice a man on the big screen swinging what has to be one of the best metal detectors ever, The Whites XLT.

In my 20 some odd years of metal detecting I cant say that I know of any other metal detector that stands out quite like the Whites XLT does. I am thinking hard now, looking back on every metal detector I have ever owned, or used for that matter and I honestly can not think of one other metal detector which would merit such a label.
Whites XLT
After all these years it is good to see that the XLT by Whites Electronics is still offered by the company. It is also good to see that others are still using the XLT with great success (take a look around some whites forums!.)

So what makes the Whites XLT such a great metal detector that it deserves this kind of attention? To be quite honest you wont find another metal detector that is as well rounded as the XLT is, even in this day and age! Sure at this point in time there are metal detectors being sold that will go deeper than the XLT, though going deep is only a part of what a well rounded metal detector should be capable of.

The Whites XLT seems to have it all depth, strength, balance, flexibility and ease of use. You would be hard pressed to find another metal detector which offered all of these features in one detector. In my experiences with metal detectors, it’s always a trade off. Sacrifice comfort for depth, depth for comfort, ease of use for depth and so on. Not one other can I think of that has it all, except of course the Whites XLT.

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