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Best Beginners Metal Detectors

As a beginner in the hobby of metal detecting it is important you choose the right metal detector. The wrong metal detector can create more headaches than anything else for you.

Here are our top beginners metal detector picks. The following metal detectors are well built and powerful, yet they are user friendly allowing newer users to pick up and go. They also allow room for you to grow as you learn your metal detector and become better at metal detecting.

Bounty Hunter Land Star

Our first pick is a metal detector by Bounty Hunter, the Land Star. The Land Star metal detector is a great beginners metal detector for a few reasons. This metal detector is extremely easy to set up and use. A good metal detector for those breaking into metal detecting should allow room to grow and learn, the Land Star has plenty of room for you to grow and learn.

To many less advanced metal detectors are garbage. They dont operate well and they are built very flimsy. You wont find that in the Bounty Hunter Land Star! The Land Star is built well for years of use, while it also performs extremely well, penetrating deeper in most conditions than most other metal detectors in it’s class.

The Land Star usually goes for around 300 dollars and is well worth it’s slightly higher price tag if your serious about getting off on the right foot in the hobby of metal detecting.

Garrett Ace 250

Our second pick is Garretts Ace 250 metal detector. The Ace 250 is a great choice for any person looking to break into metal detecting. This metal detector is flexible enough to be customized for different conditions, while it remains easy enough that just about anybody can pick up and go with it.

Aside from its ease of use, power and flexibility the Ace 250 is also priced very reasonably at just over 200 dollars.

Whites Prizm V

Our third pick is a metal detector offered by Whites Metal detectors, the Prizm V. This particular metal detector is probably one of the hardest hitting of all the metal detectors mentioned in this article. It goes extremely deep and performs well in almost any situation.

The Prizm V is one of those metal detectors that will stick with you once you learn the basics of metal detecting and metal detectors you will see no reason to advance to anything different. Like all really good beginners metal detectors the Prizm V is easy enough to turn on and go yet it has allot of head room for growth. So you wont be looking to upgrade to another metal detector for a long, long time!

The Prizm V goes for just over 300 dollars which is a steal when you consider what your getting.

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