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Think Small To Find Big Metal Detecting Sites

One of the most challenging aspects of metal detecting has to be finding productive hunting sites. At times it seems next to impossible to even find a half decent site worthy of a few old keepers. To make matters worse, many once productive metal detecting sites have been turned inside out by other hobbyists using top of the line metal detectors. The situation may seem next to impossible at times. But before you go getting to down and out, let me assure you there are still many fantastic metal detecting sites left out there. Places to go metal detecting that have never seen, or have seen very little metal detecting activity.

That’s right folks there really is no shortage of hot metal detecting sites to be had by anyone with a desire to excel in this hobby. There are a few good reason why 10% of hobbyists find 90% of the keepers. The most important reason for this is that for some reason most people tend to be lazy in nature. They complain about their lack of success while metal detecting, yet they do nothing about it. They continue thinking the same way and metal detecting the same old, easy to get to, obvious metal detecting sites.

The biggest mistake I see people making in their quest for productive metal detecting sites is that just about everyone thinks alike and most are attracted to the obvious. You will find yourself going nowhere if you fall into their way of thinking. Finding hot metal detecting sites that you, nor anyone else has yet run a metal detectors search coil over is not rocket science, in fact it’s really quite simple once you train yourself to start thinking outside of the box.

Most hobbyists concentrate on the biggest, heaviest traveled, money sites out there. This was fine during the 70’s and even into the early 80’s, though in this day in age concentrating on these sites are a waste of good metal detecting time. If the site is that big and was that popular chances are many other hobbyists know about it. For a change try concentrating on micro sites that have been lightly used over the years. The sites that may have seen heavy traffic a handful of times in the last hundred years or so.

What is a micro site? A micro site is just as it sounds, a site that is very small in size compared to an old fair ground, or city park. Some good examples of micro sites might be the area around a flag pole, or an old bus stop. Most people overlook these small sites and opt for something bigger, but more times than not less better. The great thing about micro sites is that they are everywhere! I’m sure there are dozen within walking distance of your front porch.

Break free from the common and obvious and you will start to find these overlooked metal detecting hot spots. Instead of driving through traffic to the same old hunted out park on your next metal detecting outing, try a sidewalk strip on your own block. You’d be surprised at what’s buried in that little strip of grass!

Thinking small and local will put you and your metal detector on some really great finds. You wont find pockets full of silver, but then again I’m willing to bet you’ll find many more keepers than you would at that old park, or fairground that has been detected day in and day out since the mid 60’s! Start thinking small and you will be rewarded with some big finds!

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