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Over 75 Million Historic Newspapers For You!

Historic Newspaper Archive
How would you like to have access to over 75 million, fully searchable historic newspapers? A database consisting of the nations largest archive of historic newspapers is now available to everyone reading this article! Use this collection of invaluable newspapers to find better metal detecting sites from the comfort of your own desktop or laptop computer. You can begin searching newspapers dated from 1759 on up here, or continue reading to learn more about this archive and how it can greatly improve your metal detecting success.

This database of historic newspapers contains papers from as early as 1759 on up. Each of which is fully keyword searchable. What this means is that every bit of information contained in this archive is searchable the same way you use Google to search the web. Research that use to take you hours, days or even weeks will now take you seconds!

When you spend less time researching for metal detecting sites and more time actually metal detecting them you will effectively find more treasure! That is exactly what this unimaginably huge newspaper archive will do for you!

So what are you waiting for? Search over 75 million newspapers to begin finding better metal detecting sites and more treasure today.

Look for my follow up article to this post. I will write about how I used this archive to help locate an historic site that yielded hundreds of silver coins and other artifacts.

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