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Research, Review And Compare Your Next Metal Detector

We are happy to announce the launch of a great metal detector research and review tool that we have been working on over the last 4 or 5 months. Although not 100 percent complete it is completely usable and ready for your metal detector reviews.

We are developing this great tool to help new and seasoned hobbyists alike find, research, review and compare different metal detectors before they spend hundreds, or even thousands on their next detector. So we appropriately named this tool NextDetector.com.

The only thing you cant do on NextDetector.com is buy your next metal detector, we are not in the business of metal detector sales. What we are in the business of is helping other hobbyists find the right metal detector at the best possible price.

NextDetector.com is an absolutely free service provided by us for you. We only ask one thing. That you contribute your experiences with different metal detectors so that other hobbyists may benefit from them. You can do so by navigating to any metal detector on the site, clicking on the “Reviews” tab and then writing a review for that metal detector. If your not the writing type that is fine to. Rate any metal detector you have experience with by hovering over the stars and clicking submit.

As you probably already know there are other metal detector review websites out there. So why did we build another? The answer is simple, we didn’t! There is not one other metal detector reviews website on the internet that can compare to the tool we are developing. All are seriously lacking in detail and information. None compare and provide you with the absolute lowest prices out there on virtually any metal detector, or provide thousands of metal detector auctions where you can bid your way to your next detector. These other review sites are also lacking metal detector specifications, features, images and other information. Information that is important to the hobbyist looking for their perfect metal detector.

As you can see NextDetector.com is far more than just another metal detector reviews site. Next Detector is a complete research and review tool for any person looking to find a metal detector that will suit their needs.

Looking forward to your reviews and input, don’t forget to tell your hunting buddies about this great new metal detector research tool!

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