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Metal Detecting Code Of Ethics Revisited!

The last thing I want to do is bore you with something that has been covered on just about every metal detecting home page on the internet. But because there seems to be so many hobbyists out there that still don’t get It I am going to recap the metal detecting code of ethics.

Before I begin I would like to first thank those hobbyists out there that do there best to practice respectable and ethical metal detecting habits. You are the hobbyists that take the time to ask permission before metal detecting and also the same hobbyists who show enough respect for our children’s playing fields and our privately owned properties to take the time to fill in your holes.

The metal detecting code of ethics is not something that should even have to be written on paper, or on a website they are acts of common sense. So why do I find so many holes left open on my sons soccer fields, waiting to break my his or some other child’s ankle? Why do so many still think its OK to waltz onto someone hard working persons private property without permission or regard? Are there that many completely ignorant metal detector owners out there? I guess so!

So we here we go lets all receipt them together children! Lets start from the top.

Always fill your holes, leaving the area you are digging in as it was before you started digging

        . Open holes break bones, yes think about your kids tripping on some ignorant hobbyists open hole and breaking their leg or ankle. Aside from the physical dangers open holes look horrible and they cost some person or community allot of time, money and effort to fix.

Always ask the land owners permission before you start metal detecting

        ! Are you not aware that trespassing is a crime, so is destruction of private property! Before you go waltzing on to some persons private property again really think about what the consequences could be. If you still don’t get it contact me Ill teach you some common decency and the respect your parents failed to do years ago!

Do not intrude on gatherings, or any type of open or private event with your metal detector

        . Or maybe it would be OK if we all showed up at your daughters graduation ceremony with our metal detectors!

Never return to a metal detecting site that someone else was gracious enough to share with you, whether it be alone or with others

      . If you don’t get this one your sure to end up one very lonely hobbyist with no one to share your finds, or stories with.

Before you walk away from a hole unfilled, or step foot on some other persons private property with your metal detector stop and really ask yourself if it’s worth it. Sure you walk were you please, but sooner or later your walk will come to end, as well as the walk of others who actually abide by these ethical rules that govern our great hobby.

Could you really live with yourself knowing that your ignorance caused some poor child to break a bone? How important are a few relics or old coins? Important enough to give up your freedom, your lively hood and your squeaky clean criminal record? Really think about what will sooner or later be the consequences of your actions, not only to you, but to other innocent people.

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