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Hobbyist Finds Large Anglo-Saxon Gold And Silver Treasure

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Many of us dream of hitting it big with our metal detectors. For most of us that will never happen, we will have to be content with the small yet interesting finds we make on each metal detecting trip we take. Though for a few that dream will become a reality, like it has for treasure hunter, Terry Herbert.

Terry a long time hobbyist was enjoying a day of metal detecting like he had so many times before. Hoping to discover a few interesting relics, Terry worked a promising area of a large farm field in rural England. Not long into his day his metal detector began to sing. With eager interest he began the task of trying to locate the signal his metal detector had alerted him to.

Just inches down Terry was in awe of what he had began to unearth. He gazed in amazement at a large piece of Anglo-Saxon gold. He quickly unearthed the object and came close to calling it a day. Though he gathered himself and began swinging his old Bounty Hunter metal detector once again. In not more than a swing or two of the coil Terry’s metal detector began to sing again. MORE GOLD!

That day Terry found 11 pounds of golds and 5.5 pounds of silver! He described the event in a few words “It was like a dream, Id close my eyes, re-open them and there was gold everywhere! I didn’t think it was ever going to end.”

Almost all of the pieces found were pieces from Anglo-Saxon war gear. They are some of the best ever found and most detailed of any known.

Many of the objects are inlaid with garnets and other precious gems. While others are designed with strange animals and symbols intertwined with each other.

One piece in the hoard is a gold piece which bears a biblical inscription which was used to help date the items. Experts have found that the pieces date back to the early 7th or 8th centuries.

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