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Ebay, Tips For Buying & Bidding On Metal Detectors


Ebay is my favorite place to go for metal detectors and metal detecting equipment. There is no other metal detector store, website or real world shop that can touch the variety and prices found there.

As wonderful as Ebay is there are a few things you should know before you start bidding on your next metal detector. This article will cover those important aspects of metal detector buying and bidding on Ebay. When finished with this article you will be ready to grab the deal of a lifetime safely and without worry.

Many people are hesitant when it comes to buying and bidding at Ebay. When the truth is, if you follow a few simple guidelines you have nothing to worry about. In fact when you make a purchase on Ebay using their system, “PayPal,” your purchase is guaranteed! You will not find a safer more guaranteed way to buy a metal detector anywhere else, not even in the real world! Ill explain in more detail in a few.
Buying And Selling On Ebay
So lets begin, lets take a look at why Ebay is such a good place to go for metal detectors and equipment and how you can get in on these deals easily, safely and without worry.

Staying Safe On Ebay

Despite what you may have heard, staying safe and secure on Ebay is very simple! If you follow these few simple guidelines YOU WILL HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!

The main and most important rule to keeping yourself safe and secure on Ebay is to NEVER give your personal information to ANYONE! The only exception to this is your mailing information to any person that you have bought from.

I can guarantee every story you have ever heard about someone having important information stolen from them is a direct result of them not following this rule. You never give out your personal information through email or otherwise.

One of the biggest Ebay scams out there is called “phishing.” Scammers will create web pages that look identical to Ebay’s site. They then send you an email asking for your information so that your account does not get closed, or they request information to confirm your identity. You click on the link in the email and are swept away to a page that looks exactly like one of Ebay’s. Once you enter your information your doomed!

Ebay will NEVER ASK YOU for your personal information through email, under any circumstances! I can not stress this enough, no matter how tempted you are to respond to an email that looks like it’s from Ebay DONT!

A good way to make sure your on an official Ebay page is to look at the top of your web browser, where the site address is typed in. you should see something like “http://myaccount.ebay.com”, or “http://shopping.ebay.com” if you dont see “ebay.com” it’s not ebay. Any page that you enter sensitive information in will start with “https://” if you are changing important account information and dont see “https://” at the begining of the web address in the bar at the top of your page do not enter any sensitive information on to the page!

I have one more safety tip for you then I will move on to finding, buying and bidding on metal detectors and metal detecting equipment.

I mentioned above that using Ebays prefered paying method is the best way to go. Their prefered paying method is PayPal, so if your planning on buying anything on Ebay I suggest you head on over to PayPal and create an account.

How will Paypal keep you secure? If you use PayPal to buy a metal detector and the seller decides he or she does not want to ship you your merchandise after you already paid you simply contact PayPal. They will reverse the transaction,placing the money back in your account until the seller can provide absolute proof that he or she shipped your metal detector. You cant go wrong with that! Where else are you going to find a guarantee like that? No where!

Metal Detector Searching And Bidding Tips

Finding and bidding on metal detectors is a pretty simple process. If you followed my advice and opened a PayPal account you wont have to worry about getting ripped off. Though no one wants any more hassle than need be. So its a good idea to safeguard yourself from sour sellers from the start. One of the first things I do upon reaching a metal detector on Ebay I would like to bid on is check out the sellers rating and their feedback. If a seller has 3200 sales under their belt with a 100% rating chances are you will have no troubles bidding, buying or receiving your metal detector exactly as described.

Regardless of the sellers rating if you have questions concerning the metal detector being sold, ask them before you start bidding! Once you place your bid you’ve entered yourself into a binding contract. If the bid you placed wins, you are responsible for following through with the purchase regardless of any questions you failed to ask before placing your bid. This is a very important point to keep in mind when bidding on metal detectors, or any other item featured on Ebay for that matter!

Read the metal detectors complete description, as well as any other information placed on the metal detectors auction page. Some sellers try to suck you in by bending Ebay’s rules. A good example of this would be a seller trying to make a huge profit by jacking their shipping prices way, way up!

There are literally millions of items being sold on Ebay at any given time, so how you search for a metal detector you may be interested in is important to actually finding all that may be available for sale or auction. When entering in search phrases try to be specific without being over descriptive. You also want to be careful using plurals when looking for a single metal detector. Even though your looking for a list of metal detectors for sale, your looking to find seller offering one metal detector for sale or auction. If your looking for a slightly used bounty hunter, fast tracker metal detector a good search phrase to use would be, “used fast tracker metal detector”, a bad choice of search words would be “slightly used bounty hunter fast tracker metal detectors.” Point being use as little number of search terms as possible when searching for a metal detector without going over board, also keep plurals out of your search terms unless you are looking for a lot of metal detectors.

Hopefully these tips to buying and bidding on metal detectors were of some use to you. We are already working on a follow up post with more advanced tips to metal detector bidding and buying on Ebay.

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