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Metal detecting articles that provide you with valuable information and knowledge that will help you improve your metal detecting success.

Metal Detecting Code Of Ethics Revisited!

metal detecting ethics

The last thing I want to do is bore you with something that has been covered on just about every metal detecting home page on the internet. But because there seems to be so many hobbyists out there that still don't get It I am going to recap the metal detecting code of ethics. But before I begin I know there are an awful lot of you out there that strive to follow these ethical guidelines and I thank you. You are the people that make our hobby what it is each and every one of you! It is to bad that there seems to be so many out there with metal detectors that have absolutely no regard for others health or property. I think its time to revisit the metal detecting code of ethics!

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Think Small To Find Big Metal Detecting Sites

metal detecting research

Finding productive sites to go metal detecting at times may seem next to impossible. Many of the older more productive sites have been beat to death by other hobbyists using top of the line metal detectors. Although I am a firm believer that no site is ever completely hunted out, I do believe many more popular sites have been hunted to the point of worthlessness. The whole situation can become a very frustrating event if you let it. So before you get to down and out let me assure you that there are still many very productive sites left. To find them you are going to have to start thinking a little differently, you have to break the mold and start thinking small instead of big! Once you catch on to the whole micro site thingy, new and productive metal detecting sites will start popping up all over the place! Micro sites are everywhere and are usually overlooked by most hobbyists. That is because most hobbyists think alike and most hobbyists are, with all due respect lazy. They opt for the biggest, easiest most obvious sites overlooking the treasure trove right under their noses.

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