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Ebay, Tips For Buying & Bidding On Metal Detectors

metal detector buying

Ebay is one of the best places to buy and bid on new and used metal detectors. You wont find a bigger or more diverse selection of metal detectors and equipment anywhere! Though if you want to get in on the action there are a few things you should know to keep yourself safe and to ensure you get the exact metal detector you are looking for. Our Ebay metal detector buyers guide will help you with just that, follow along for some effective tips to buying and bidding on metal detectors at the worlds largest metal detector market place, Ebay.com!

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Find Productive Places For Metal Detecting

metal detecting areas

The number of potentially hot metal detecting sites out there is endless. In fact I am willing bet just about everyone reading this article is just a few steps away from one or more of those productive metal detecting sites. In the beginning it may feel very challenging finding productive metal detecting spots and that's OK! We all go through it and many of us get through. In time with advice and allot of practice you will start finding bigger and better metal detecting more often. This article will give you some important insight and tips, as well as list a few common places which more often than not are good places to go metal detecting.

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Koss Gain Amplifier, Perfect For Detecting Those Deep Whispers!

The Koss Gain Amplifier is most likely the most simple, yet most effective piece of metal detecting equipment available. In fact there may be no other single piece of metal detecting equipment out there that will comparably increase the quality and depth of your finds like the Koss Amplifier will. Don't believe it? We didn't either until we gave the device laboratory and real life test runs. Needless to say we are impressed with gains of up to 30%! How it work is the Koss Gain ....

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Minelab’s E-Trac Metal Detector

As most of our dedicated visitors already know, we only feature the best metal detectors and equipment on Detectorx.com. The E-Trac by Minelab is no exception, in fact it is probably one of the most advanced metal detectors we have ever featured on our website. One of the features that makes the E-Trac metal detector so good is a completely new feature, found only on Minelab's E-Trac. This new feature makes easy work of ...

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Clean Your Metal Detecting Finds

clean detecting finds

Learn how to clean just about any metal detecting find the right way. In this section of our metal detecting website we give you various techniques for cleaning those finds with step by step instructions. You will be surprised at just how easy and effective some of these methods for cleaning metal detecting finds are. But before you get started I would like to give you a fare warning! As tempting as it is, sometimes your metal detecting finds are better off left in their dirty corroded state. The cleaning of a valuable coin or relic can destroy it's monetary and collectable value. You must be very aware of what you have before you

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Digging Tools For Metal Detecting, Part 1

digging tools for metal detecting

There are many different types of digging tools for metal detecting. Each of which servers a different purpose. Knowing which to use and when will save your back and allot of frustration. If your not sure which you should be using follow along while I cover the basics of digging tools. I will first cover the most common and basic of digging tools, which most of us use. I will then follow up with some more specialized digging and recovery tools used for different types of metal detecting.

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What Do I Need To Get Started Metal Detecting?

get started metal detecting

Aside from a metal detector there are a few other things you need to get started metal detecting. Some of the items I cover in this article are must have metal detecting accessories. There is just no way around it, you need these items if you are serious about getting started with your metal detector. I also cover a few other items that are not must have metal detecting accessories, though they go a long way in helping you get started metal detecting. I make the line between must have and optional very clear in this article, though if you have any questions concerning what you may or may not need to get started metal detecting, by all means contact us with those questions. As always, happy hunting and good luck.

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Choosing Your First Metal Detector?

Your first metal detector will be the most important metal detector you ever purchase. So it's important you choose the right metal detector. This may seem a bit overwhelming, or confusing with the number of metal detectors being sold online and in stores today.

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A Beginners Guide To Metal Detecting

Are you new to metal detecting, or thinking about taking a leap into the hobby of metal detecting? If so you have found the right place. You will find everything you need to know about getting started in this great hobby right here! We believe that you, the beginner is ...

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Think Small To Find Big Metal Detecting Sites

metal detecting research

Finding productive sites to go metal detecting at times may seem next to impossible. Many of the older more productive sites have been beat to death by other hobbyists using top of the line metal detectors. Although I am a firm believer that no site is ever completely hunted out, I do believe many more popular sites have been hunted to the point of worthlessness. The whole situation can become a very frustrating event if you let it. So before you get to down and out let me assure you that there are still many very productive sites left. To find them you are going to have to start thinking a little differently, you have to break the mold and start thinking small instead of big! Once you catch on to the whole micro site thingy, new and productive metal detecting sites will start popping up all over the place! Micro sites are everywhere and are usually overlooked by most hobbyists. That is because most hobbyists think alike and most hobbyists are, with all due respect lazy. They opt for the biggest, easiest most obvious sites overlooking the treasure trove right under their noses.

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