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Incredible Metal Detecting Discoveries

metal detecting finds

There is treasure to be out there and allot of it! Don’t think so? Buy this book for next to nothing and learn about some of the most incredible metal detecting finds ever made! Seasoned and new treasure hunters alike will find this book enjoyable. You can own this amazing ...

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Metal Detecting The Beach

beach metal detecting

If you ever want to learn all there is about successful beach hunting buy this book! This book is the beach hunters bible and is intended for people who take beach hunting with a metal detector serious! You can own this invaluable book at a huge discount by purchasing it ...

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Metal Detecting A Beginners Guide

metal detecting book

If your new to metal detecting you need this book! This book will take you from wanting to find treasure to finding treasure with your metal detector in a very short period of time. This is not a book for the seasoned hobbyist! This book is intended to break new ...

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Treasure Hunting America Episode 113

metal detecting

A lucky mother’s child digs up a confederate belt buckle while digging in his back yard. Further metal detecting reveals an treasure trove of civil war objects! Then David Wilson another relic hunter details displays his finds and shares a wealth of metal detecting knowledge that will help you become ...

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